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About 2500 years ago filosopher Empedocle from Agrigento affirmed that the universe is created from four elements: earth, water, wind and fire.

Probably these elements are not the foundation of the universe, but certainly they are the foundation of our cotto.

We are Stefano and Petronio Stefani, Company owners’ since the end of the ’70s and successors of a family tradition which goes back to the sixteenth century.

Since then we produce handmade tiles and bricks using a mixture of rainwater and clay from our mine; no other material is added. The moulding is totally hand-made, inserting and pressing the wet clay in wooden plates.

The following procedures, the key to the creation of an excellent product, are also handmade, according to an ancient technique which dates back to Etrurians.

The firing process in a centuries-old wood kiln takes several days.

In this way, the tiles and bricks obtained are aesthetically exquisite and everlasting, and can be fully considered organic products, suitable for green building.

Moreover, they are excellent natural acoustic and thermal insulation material.

In our 40 years of experience we did not only join the restoration of old rural houses and old town centres or manufacture high quality residential buildings, but our cotto also had the privilege to contribute to the restoration of a lot of monuments of worldwide importance.

You are invited to visit our website and contact us for any information, but above all you are invited to visit us in person directly at our headquarter, where everything happens!

Terracotta Stefani not only is made in Italy, but the whole process, from the extraction of the clay to the sale of the product, is done within a few meters from our headquarter.

We produce our handmade tiles and bricks only by using a mixture of rainwater and clay from our mine; no other material is added.

The characteristics of terracotta Stefani make the houses and buildings thermally and acoustically insulated, which adds a remarkable energetic and economic saving to a higher housing well-being.

Stefani’s terracotta tiles and bricks have been certified as perfectly resistant to the frost and the temperature leap.

As our terracotta tiles and bricks are totally handmade,they are fully customizable for every kind of shape, size and finishing, according to a sample or a Client original idea.