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It is only the chemical composition of the clay of out pit together with our wood kiln that gives our terracotta tiles and bricks their colour.

According to the raw tiles position inside the kiln, and consequently to the heat amount that every tile will receive (which is bigger in the lower levels and smaller in the higher levels) we will get different shades of color, from yellow to dark pink, going through every possible intermediate tone.

Moreover, in the higher levels we will get “flamed” tiles, that do not have a uniform tone, but very different colors within the same piece. Our Clients can choose the tone They prefer the most, always keeping in mind that we are talking about a totally hand – crafted product, then minor color tone difference are not flaws but the guarantee of authenticity.

On Client’s request, thanks to special clays, it is also possible to obtain black, white or red tiles.

It is possible to add a further personalization in the final treatment of the floor: indeed it is possible to choose between opaque or shiny, darker or brighter, “hotter” or “colder” effects.