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Our production represents the excellence in the sustainability field, both environmental and social.

As far as environmental sustainability is concerned, we can certainly affirm that terracotta Stefani is the king product for Green Building, as all the raw materials used are found within a few meters and all the process takes place in a way that the environmental impact is next to zero.

The moulding used for our tiles and bricks is indeed a mixture of rainwater, which comes from a basin that is filled during the bad weather season, and clay from our pit; nothing else is added.

The firing takes places using wood scrap from the surrounding woods.

Moreover, the little electricity we use is produced from our photovoltaic plant and the heat energy used is produced by a solar panel on the roof of our office.

So, we can say that Stefani is a real eco-friendly Company.

Furthermore, the technical characteristics of terracotta Stefani make the houses and buildings in which It is used thermally and acoustically insulated, which adds a remarkable energetic and economic saving to a higher housing well-being.

The aspect of social sustanability is crucial to us, as proved by the commitment to safety and well-being on our workplace, but also by the adhesion to social projects, for example the program “bricks for Palestine”.