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Using our experience, we can help our Customers choose the best floor design and the most suitable finishing, shape and size.

In addition to that, we also provide the best products (with technical sheets included) and services for the laying, the stucco work, the washing and the treatment, in order to obtain highest-quality final results.


Thanks to the wide range of sizes, shapes and finishings and to the possibility to mix them in classical or innovative patterns, the personalizations are unlimited.


Laying can be done with floor screeds (traditional) or with floor glue (more used nowadays). It takes a long experience to be able to take care of floor planarity by working tile by tile and considering any irregularity of the floor, that is why we have valuable partners for our customer service. The color of the stucco (white, grey in various shades, brick color) and the wider or closer spacing influence the final effect of the floor. In the case the Client works with their trustworthy artisans we are happy to give them the maximum support in order to obtain an excellent final result.


Since the clay we use is 100 % natural, different efflorescences are likely to appear after the laying. In order to remove efflorescences, possible remains of sand and stucco smears we need a floor washing before any kind of floor treatment. The washing is made through a specific buffered acid and then the floor must be rinsed with clean water. Once the floor is dry, we can proceed with the treatment.


This passage is really important for the final result of the floor, because the selected treatment, that can be glossy, opaque or satinized, neutral or coloring, gives a further shade of personality. There are several treatments, different in aesthetic result, duration, protective capacity and kind of maintenance. In this case, too, the customer can choose between our customer service or have their own collaborators. In both situations we will always be there and available to give all the necessary suggestions and informations in order to find the most suitable functioning treatment.

Of course the choice of a complete turnkey service implies the certainty of the finished product cost and we guarantee a high quality final result.

Furthermore, when the conditions are fulfilled, one can obtain a VAT deduction up to 4%.